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From the Great Northeast to the Silicon Valley

You could say that it’s in my blood to be a designer. When I was just a kid, growing up in the great state of New Hampshire, my grandfather first taught me how to draw. A draftsman himself, he showed me how to sketch and build simple wooden objects, which we would paint together and sell at his church’s craft fairs. It’s those afternoons I spent in his studio, eagerly showing him each of my drawings, that mark the very beginning of my career as a creator. It’s what taught me to love art.

Throughout high school, prep school, and college, I went on to study oil painting and printmaking with master artists Bill Darling and his mentor Frank Mason. I couldn’t get enough of the creative process, and developed an interest in the art of Intaglio printmaking and American impressionism. After being introduced to the computer and the power of applications like Photoshop and Illustrator, my attention shifted to more digital oriented art. Curious about the convergence of art and technology, I found that I could apply the principles I had learned during my fine art studies to this new artform. And that’s what led me to a career in graphic design, logo creation, and user interface design, and eventually brought me to Silicon Valley.

Now, my professional experience consists of over eight years of building web-based applications and systems. My work includes user interface ingenuity, as well as the design of creative assets for websites and custom applications. I have worked with all levels of an organization and with cross-functional teams, I enjoy challenging projects with aggressive deadlines, and I understand the need for standards and styles. Always striving for visual appeal, I rely on strict web standards, my attention to detail, and pixel perfection when building websites that attract millions of users monthly. I love participating in the creative direction of a company, and every day, I am grateful that I’m doing what I love.

I am currently seeking new opportunities in as a UI/UX Designer, Creative Director or Project Manager. If you’re interested in more of my credentials then please feel free to contact me or view my resume.